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Traffic Safety

Fatal Accidents
Every year children are killed right in front of schools due to needless auto accidents. Many of these fatalities have occurred here in the San Fernando Valley and could have been avoided if people had followed simple safety rules.

Traffic Rules
There are three simple rules we are asking EVERY PARENT at Knollwood to follow in order to avoid needless and tragic accidents:

  1. Please use the crosswalks. By jaywalking during high traffic time, you are jeopardizing your child’s life and yours. We experienced MANY near misses last year. Using the crosswalk adds 15 seconds to your day...but by NOT using them you could lose priceless time with your child FOREVER.
  2. Do not park in the carpool lane. The signs in front of the school are real and can result in a ticket or towing. We expect to see a greater police presence this year.
  3. Stop for pedestrians. Be on the alert for children and parents crossing the street.

Eliminating jaywalking in front of the school has been a priority for the safety volunteers because of the danger of a fatality happening right in front of our school. It is obvious, however, that the traffic volunteers cannot accomplish this without the cooperation of the rest of the Knollwood parents!! WE ARE APPEALING TO YOU AS ADULTS TO JOIN FORCES WITH US IN THE EFFORT!!

Reasons to Use Crosswalks
As a parent at Knollwood, I will use the crosswalks with my children because:

  • Large SUV's cannot see my children when they jaywalk between traffic.
  • At least one vehicle a day drives past the school at a speed too fast to stop for a jaywalker.
  • Using the crosswalks adds less than 25 seconds to your day—but by not using them you could lose precious years forever.
  • The American Pediatric Society states that children and adults could benefit from more daily exercise.
  • By following the safety guidelines that the school administrators have set, you are teaching your children both respect and good habits that will benefit them their entire lives!

Knollwood has a drop-off lane on the east side of the campus for children grades 1-5. Kindergartners must be walked into school. There is no parking in front of the school during drop off and pick up periods. Please observe all posted signs to facilitate traffic flow and student safety.

On behalf of the Administration and Safety Committee, our sincere gratitude for all the safety volunteers who have made this possible.