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Emergency Procedures

On-Campus Staff Health Screening Form:

Staff and Volunteers coming on campus, please fill this form out prior to coming on campus.


1. We will utilize our website to post updates. Although our ConnectEd phone system is a useful service that our District provides, we learned that the phone calls can be delayed if the system is overwhelmed.

2. In the event that our students need to stay with us for a prolonged period of time and it is becoming night time, we will have the students call or text you. Please keep these phone calls short and positive. The children feel safe at school with their teachers. If they hear worry in your voice, that is when they will begin to be fearful.

3. When we send you the ConnectEd messages, PLEASE LISTEN TO THE ENTIRE MESSAGE.

We will contact you with any updates that we get on our website and the ConnectEd system so please do not call the office as it ties up our phone lines which makes it difficult for the District to get through to us.

4. We cannot deliver any messages to your child, since during a lockdown we are unable to move about the school.


1. We are in the process of purchasing a few additional items for the classrooms. Teachers already have an emergency bag of supplies, but we will be adding more food, a toilet seat, more gloves, trash bags, and cat litter.

2. If your child uses an inhaler, you can send an additional one to be kept in the classroom for a lockdown.

Dismissal Procedures:

In a police activity lockdown, we receive our directives from the District office, which receives them from the police agency in charge. Therefore, it is not within the school’s control to determine when the lockdown will end. The time and type of dismissal (emergency vs. regular dismissal procedures) will be determined by the police officers.

To clarify the dismissal process for next time, this is what our staff will be doing, depending on whether or not we are told it is an emergency dismissal or a regular dismissal.

1. Emergency Dismissal: We will have a large request area located in the staff parking lot on Gerald. Please read the signs, so you can line up by your child’s last name. We will have one reunion gate, located near the safty drop-off/pick-up area.  This process will be time consuming, but we ask for your patience in advance. You must bring photo ID. If you are not picking up your child, the person who is must be listed on your Emergency Card. They must also have photo ID.

2. Regular Dismissal: In the case of a regular dismissal after a lockdown, teachers will bring their classes onto the grass field. You can pick up your children there. You do not need to show ID, but this procedure will be helpful for you to be able to find your child easily. The YMCA afterschool program children will go directly to the YMCA. After about 30 minutes, the students who are remaining will be released to our Youth Services Coach and you can find the children on the yard as you normally do.